About Us


I'm Lisa McHugh, a pediatric ICU nurse, mother, and founder of Bare Belly Organics.

Since becoming a nurse I have been shocked by the high prevalence of childhood cancers and I am especially concerned with carcinogens in our environment.

Motivated by the desire to keep my children as healthy as possible, I am determined to live as chemical-free as I can.

When I first starting researching sunscreen ingredients I was very upset to see that most of the approved ingredients are carcinogens and hormone disruptors.

I found it impossible to find a truly natural and chemical free product so I started making my own natural sunscreen, adjusting the recipe and testing the results on myself and with my own family.

Three years later, and after many requests from my friends, I am finally able to share with you my own healthy selection of sunscreens that work even on my fair skinned red-heads.

To make absolutely sure that our sunscreen protects both your family and mine, I had it independently tested to ensure the SPF ratings on our labels. So we're confident that our natural sunscreen fully complies with FDA regulations.

And when I'm not making my natural sunscreen I absolutely LOVE spending time with my family.

- Lisa McHugh
Bare Belly Organics