The New Way to be Sun Smart


Of the 15 chemicals approved by the FDA as effective sunscreens -

(chemicals that are absorbed by your skin, scattered throughout your body and detectable in blood, urine, and breast milk for up to two days after a single application) -

NINE are known endocrine disruptors.

Is that really something you want to be slathering all over your skin?

We didn’t.

So we developed Bare Bellie Organics Mineral Sunscreen.

Using natural, non-nanopartical Zinc (so the particals are too big to be absorbed), organic and essential oils, we created an effective recipe that is good for you, good for your family and good for your skin.

Available in a cream, lotion and face stick (spf30 and higher). And just for fun, a new lipbalm (spf4).

Check our products page to get started.