Why should you use mineral sunscreen instead of chemical?

July 27, 2017

Mineral sunscreen:

-There are absolutely no health risks in using the minerals

-The only active ingredients should be zinc oxide or titanium  


-it works by sitting on the skin blocking & reflecting the sun's rays.

-it never absorbs into your skin or bloodstream.

-you can see it on your skin and it's working as long as you can see it!

-has been used in many products and proven safe for many years.

-zinc oxide is one of the most non-reactive & hypo-allergenic substances on earth.

Chemical sunscreen:

-contains combinations of different chemicals, all which have health risks

-none of the chemicals will work alone (some work for UVA, some work for UVB, etc.)

-according to the FDA most of these chemicals are carcinogenic & hormone disrupters.
-these chemicals also need preservatives and stabilizers because they are unstable in heat & light & change over time.
-we do not know the health effects of these different combinations of chemical, preservatives & stabilizers.
-many of these chemicals cause skin burns, allergies & reactions.
-works by soaking into your skin cell and absorbing UVA & UVB rays.
-your skin constantly tries to detox and will absorb these chemicals into your bloodstream every two hours (which is why you need to reapply chemical sunscreen)
-inhaling the chemicals (sprays) puts them directly into your lungs & immediately into your bloodstream.

We choose 100% mineral sunscreen for our children!

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