What does SPF mean? - Lisa McHugh Interviewed on AskTheBeautyAdvisor.com

March 03, 2017

What does SPF mean? - Lisa McHugh Interviewed on AskTheBeautyAdvisor.com

AskTheBeautyAdvisor.com posted an interview with Bare Belly's founder, Lisa McHugh! It's a podcast hosted by Deanna Lyn.

Deanna is a professional esthetician and beauty advisor. She founded her podcast to discuss and answer questions about health & beauty. After you hear the interview with Lisa, be sure to check out Deanna's other episodes and subscribe. :)

In the podcast, Deanna and Lisa get to the bottom of the common question - what does SPF mean?

You'll hear Lisa tell the story of how Bare Belly got it's start, going all the way back to her nursing days in the Pediatric ICU. She connects her career, family life and the inspiration behind Bare Belly.

Along the way, Lisa covers all the details of how sunscreens work and what SPF means.

She also cautions against chemical based sunscreens, and explains why physical sunscreens like Zinc Oxide are superior and safer. 

You'll also find out which doctor recommended brand of sunscreen contains carcinogens that children easily inhale. Lisa bought 5 cans of this brand before she discovered what was inside, so listen in before you use that old can of sunscreen in your medicine cabinet.

Listen to the whole podcast and you'll be an expert on sunscreen!

After you click the link, simply scroll down a little bit and click the play button. 


Or if you're on a mobile device with a Podcast app, then click here for iPhones or here for Androids.

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