How white is Bare Belly Organics mineral sunscreen?

June 08, 2017

How white is Bare Belly Organics mineral sunscreen?

ZINC OXIDE is the best UVA/UVB blocker and reflector approved by the FDA!

It works by sitting on the skin to block and reflect the sun's rays. The best part is if you can see it, it's working! My sunscreen is water resistant up to 80 minutes (the best test results you can get!) and even longer if you can still see it. If you happen to rub it off you will see that you need more. I love the way the water beads on my daughter's skin and I can see the white tint on her skin even from my shady chair and I know for sure she's protected! (see her shoulder in the photo)

Because zinc oxide is the BEST UVA/UVB block this is the only ingredient we need!

Many chemical sunscreens need multiple ingredients in order to attain broad spectrum coverage, and in addition to the chemicals they must also use MORE CHEMICALS as stabilizers to keep the chemicals stable in the heat and sunlight, and to keep the chemicals from reacting to each other as well. All these chemicals add up to a cocktail of things that cause skin reactions, burns, allergic reactions, not to mention some are carcinogenic and hormone disrupters.

ZINC OXIDE is the safest choices for sun protection!

Zinc oxide is one of the least reactive things on the planet, it is non flammable, hypoallergenic, begin and even healthy! Especially the kind we use. NON-NANO means my zinc particles are larger than 100nm so that they are too large to be absorbed into your bloodstream (I use 325nm just to be sure!) Not because it's harmful, but I prefer not to put anything into our bloodstreams that don't belong there.

If you want the healthiest choice, choose non-nano zinc oxide like we do!

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