Does a Higher SPF Provide More Sun Protection?

August 10, 2017


SPF only measures UVB rays. You should look for "BROAD SPECTRUM" protection on your sunscreen. This is more important than the SPF number. You need to ensure your sunscreen protects you from both kinds of dangerous radiation!

SPF 15-30 can be obtained naturally. Natural mineral sunscreen ranges from SPF 15-30, anything higher can only be obtained by using chemicals. This is a good test to see if your sunscreen has hidden chemicals! If it claims to be mineral but advertises an SPF 50 then you know it has some chemicals in there.)

SPF 15-30 is ALL YOU NEED! Do you really want to use carcinogenic and hormone disrupting chemicals to make a 1% difference?

SPF 15: blocks 93% of UVB radiation

SPF 30: blocks 97% of UVB radiation

SPF 50: blocks 98% of UVB radiation

SPF only lasts as long as the sunscreen lasts! Mineral sunscreen works as long as you can still see it on the skin, but chemical sunscreen only lasts for 2 hours. Your skin cells detox themselves every 2 hours so no matter how high the SPF is, it can't last any more than 2 hours.

Europe & Australia have banned the labeling of SPF over 50! SPF greater then 30 does not provide a significant amount of more protection, people tend to not seek other protective measures such as shade, hats, etc. and they tend not to reapply because they think they are protected. The FDA is considering this ban also.

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