Just Because It Says 'Kids and Baby' Does NOT Mean it's Non-Toxic

March 03, 2017

GRR! This one has me all steamed up. And I know, this kind of goes along with my last post about 'mislabeling', but I thought I should point out that just because it says that it is made for 'kids and babies' doesn't mean it isn't full of toxins and chemicals. 

Check out these popular sunscreens and their toxicity ratings:

Screen Shot 2013-04-16 at 10.22.45 PM

  • banana boat (baby & kids) – 7
  • hawaiian tropic (protective dry oil, sensitive skin, and shimmer versions) – 7
  • hawaiian tropic silk hydration lotion – 4
  • coppertone oil free – 3
  • coppertone (sport, ultraguard, and spray versions) – 4 to 7
  • coppertone kids – 7
  • aveeno (active naturals & baby versions) – 3

Yikes. But if you're here reading this,you already know that non-nanoparticle zinc sunscreen is the way to go (follow-up post coming soon!).  Just like the kind we use in Bare Belly Organics.

Be sun smart and sun safe. Wear a hat, stick to the shade when you can, and use Bare Bellie Organics Sunscreen. We have been testing it on our children for two years now and we are confident that it can protect you and your family.