10 Important Facts You Need to Know About the Sun's UVA Rays:

August 05, 2017


10 Important Facts you might not know about UVA rays:

  1. UVA rays damage the skin cells called keratinocytes in the basal layer of the epidermis, where most skin cancers occur
  2. UVA rays cause premature aging and wrinkles
  3. UVA rays cause suntan (which is the cell's attempt to darken and protect itself from DNA damage)
  4. UVA rays penetrate your skin cell deeper than UVB rays
  5. UVA rays are present at the SAME intensity all day long from sun up to sun down, unlike UVA rays which are most intense during 10am-2pm
  6. UVA rays have the same intensity no matter what season it is, unlike UVB rays which are more intense in the summer
  7. UVA rays penetrate through glass (windows at home and in your vehicle)
  8. UVA rays are less intense than UVB rays BUT they are 50-80 times more prevalent in earth's atmosphere than UVB rays
  9. UVA rays comprise 95% of all the UV radiation which reaches earth's surface
  10. SPF does NOT measure any protection against UVA rays (you need to look for BROAD SPECTRUM)

According to the FDA, ZINC-Oxide is the best UVA/UVB block and reflector approved for use in sunscreen!

Our family uses Bare Belly Organics 100% zinc-oxide mineral sunscreen DAILY and YEAR ROUND to protect our skin from harmful UVA rays!

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