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Our Zinc Oxide Sunscreen is Non-Nano.

There are many zinc oxide sunscreens on the market, but what are you really getting? Zinc oxide is a mineral that provides great protection from the sun's harmful rays. In its natural form, zinc will have a slight white tint when applied to your skin. 

So in order to make zinc oxide sunscreens look invisible, our competitors grind the zinc into super small, "nano" sized particles. But their particles are so small that the zinc is absorbed into your body - yuck!

All our Bare Belly sunscreens use "non-nano" zinc, which means that we use zinc particles that are too big to be absorbed through your skin. Our zinc sunscreen stays ON your skin and doesn't go IN your body. To us, keeping zinc outside your body just makes good sense.

You can tell our natural sunscreen is non-nano by the slight white tint on your skin when applied. This is a good thing! It means it's working and it's safe for your family (and little ones)...just like all our products.