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Meet The Staff


I am Lisa, a Pediatric ICU Nurse and mother of six children ages 3 to 13 (we recently adopted 2 year old twin boys!). Since becoming a nurse I have been shocked by the high prevalence of childhood cancers and I am especially concerned with carcinogens in our environment. Motivated by the desire to keep my children as healthy as possible, I am determined to live as chemical-free as I can. When I first starting researching sunscreen ingredients I was very upset to see that most of the approved ingredients are carcinogens and hormone disruptors! I found it impossible to find a truly natural and chemical free product so I started making my own sunscreen, adjusting the recipe and testing the results on my children. Three years later, and after many requests from my friends, I am finally able to share with you my own healthy selection of sunscreens that work even on my fair skinned red-heads! We are proud to announce that our products are fully tested and compliant with all new FDA regulations. When I'm not making sunscreen I absolutely LOVE spending time with my family and homeschooling all of my children.


I am Jill, an architect, designer and a mom to three active boys. I have become more health conscious over the years and wary of the many chemicals that surround my family.  To try to cut back I started making simple changes and now - besides making sunscreen - I make my own laundry soap, dish detergent and a host of other household cleaning products. When I am not at the baseball field I am busy remodeling (and recycling!) our house, painting curtains, or reinventing furniture.