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4oz Bugs BeBARE Chemical-Free BUG SPRAY (DEET Free!)

Bare Belly Organics

Bug Spray


Using organic ingredients and essential oils, Bare Belly Organics brings you an effective way to deny those pesky bugs their next meal- WITHOUT DEET, and WITHOUT CHEMICALS!

Protect your family naturally with quality products you have come to expect from us, products that are good for you, good for your family, and good for your skin. 


ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: 14% organic essential oils of *Citronella, *Peppermint, *Tea Tree, *Cinnamon, *Lemongrass, *Rosemary, *Lemon Eucalyptus, *Cedarwood, *Clove Bud (*Organic) and 25% Organic Neem Oil

INACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Preservative-Free all natural WItch Hazel & Organic Flax Seed Oil

(This all-natural product qualifies for exemption from registration by the EPA under FIFRA)


Instructions: SHAKE WELL (no chemicals or emulsifiers used), apply to exposed skin & clothing. Reapply as needed. Keep out of eyes & do not use on broken or damaged skin. For those with sensitive skin, test product on a small area first. Keep out of reach of children.


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